Custom Keyrings

View our range of custom made keyrings and promotional keychains. We have a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from, with a solution for any budget. Browse our custom keyrings and get in touch for a quote. Our keychains are made to the highest quality and are perfect for selling. PVC and enamel keychains can be made with a range of fixings, colours and finishes. Contact us for a quote today.

Custom Hard Enamel Keyrings

Custom hard enamel keyrings which create a flat finished surface. Premium quality and bespoke made to your design.  Enquiry today for a quote.

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Custom Soft Enamel Keyrings

Soft enamel keychains have a raised and recessed finished where the enamel is added. Customise the keychain colour and plating to match your design.

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Custom Die Struck Keyrings

Die struck keyrings are stamped out of metal using a die. Its the same process what is used for enamel keyrings, just theres no enamel. Beautiful textured finished that can be polished or made to look weathered.

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