Woven Patches

Woven-Patches-Rock-Patches-on-Clothes-Iron-on-Patch-for-Clothing Woven-Patches-Rock-Patches-on-Clothes-Iron-on-Patch-for-Clothing
Pathces-Letters-woven-Patches-on-Clothes-Iron-on-Patches-for-Clothing Pathces-Letters-woven-Patches-on-Clothes-Iron-on-Patches-for-Clothing
Iron-on-Patches-for-Clothing-Embroidered-Woven Iron-on-Patches-for-Clothing-Embroidered-Woven
Clothes-Patches-Embroidered-Patches-for-Clothing Clothes-Patches-Embroidered-Patches-for-Clothing
custom-made-woven-patches-for-clothing-velcro-backing custom-made-woven-patches-for-clothing-velcro-backing
woven-embroidered-patcehs-custom-made-iron-on-velcro-sticker woven-embroidered-patcehs-custom-made-iron-on-velcro-sticker

*some images contain embroidering and woven finishes

Ready to get custom woven patches?

Let us know what you need and we will tell you the best price available.

    Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches but enable a higher level of detail in their design. Find out more

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    Custom Woven Patches from £0.32.

    Our high quality woven patches are a great alternative to embroidered patches when the design is very detailed. They use very similar production processes but the final product has a flat surface unlike embroidered patches which are slightly raised or textured.

    Premium woven patches are the perfect style of cloth bade for many people. They are amazing quality and have a vibrant colour with our colour-fast threads.

    • Free Artwork
    • Detailed Design
    • High Quality
    • Low 50-Piece Minimum
    • Express Service Available
    • Price-Match Guarantee
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    custom woven patches with low minimum order quantity

    Unlimited Styles

    The only limit is your imagination. Have an idea in mind then get in touch and we can help.

    detailed woven badges custom made

    Bespoke Shapes

    Woven badges are great for unique shapes and designs. We will create unique patches for everyone.

    custom woven badges for clothing

    Custom Backing

    Sticker, velcro, iron on, or no backing at all. Choose what suits you best. Not sure? Read our backing guide for more info.

    custom character badges made to order

    Bold Design

    Simple and striking or detailed and delicate. No matter what your design we can bring it to life.

    Two Border Styles To Choose

    Get your patches with a merrowerd edge or hot cut edge.

    Merrowed edge patch

    Merrowed Edge

    A merrowed edge or overlocked edge creates a thick border around your woven patch. This style of edging is great for simple shapes and is the most popular option for circle or square badges.

    hot cut border

    Hot Cut Edge

    This type of edging is the best solution when the badge is a complicated shape. If there are a lot of sharp corners to cut out or other intricate details then we would recommend a hot cut border. 

    Backing Options For Woven Patches

    Lots of ways to attach your custom patches

    There are 4 main styles of backing for your woven patches. 

    • StickerPeal and stick your custom patches to any surface. Strong adhesive makes sure they stay stuck
    • Velcro – If you want to be able to remove and reattach the patch multiple times then this is the option to go for.
    • Iron On – Using an iron to heat the glue on the embroidered patches which sticks them to whatever fabric you iron them to
    • No Backing – this is the simplest backing and is used when you want to directly sew on your patch on or else have your own method of attaching them

    If you want to read more about our different backing styles have a look at our backing guide.

    embroidered patch backings

    What to Use Your Patches For

    Endless Possibilities 

    Woven patches are a brilliant and versatile way to add branding to many different things. They can be attached to clothing, backpacks, blankets and used as promotional items.

    There are many uses of woven patches:

    • Branding patches with a brand name or brand logo. Typically these are used for branding clothing such as coats or jackets. 
    • Reward or skill patches which are used as part of groups or events, e.g. Army, scouts, fun runs, progress rewards
    • Group identity patches, e.g. clubs, associations, a police corps, 

    Our Custom Merch


    Custom Embroidered Patches

    Embroidered patches made to order. Starting at just 50 units. Prices as low as £0.35 per patch. Enquiry today for a quote.


    Custom Rainbow Plated Pins

    Rainbow plated pins are a special type of pin that shine different colours under different light. These iridescent pins are a really unique style.


    Custom Soft Enamel Pins

    Soft enamel pin badges custom made with your design. We can help make your designs come to life.

    Three Simple Steps

    Its super easy to get your own custom patches. We offer a free design servive with every order to help you get what you need.


    Get In Touch

    Send your enquiry to [email protected] or fill in the form to get a quote.


    Send Your Files

    Design your woven patches or send us your logo and we can do it for you.


    Approve Your Design

    We send artwork for you to approve. You will know exactly what you are getting.